The BSCDA are pleased to announce Business Finance Brokers Ltd as a corporate sponsor for the Association in 2018.

The company has connections with BriSCA F1 spanning a number of years.

Company managing director Kevin Ayres believes that there is a natural synergy between his company and BriSCA F1. “We are involved in business finance,” Ayres says. “So we lend money into businesses, mainly for asset purchases.”

The company are involved with a number of BriSCA F1 stock car drivers, including Ben Hurdman, who works for MHF Trucks Ltd in Inkberrow in Worcestershire.

DAF with Minimyza.JPG
One of the MHF Ltd trucks with heavy machinery on board

“Ben supplies hook cable lorries, so we finance some of the machines for his customers,” says Ayles.

Ben Hurdman is sales and logistics manager at MHF and he met Ayres at a F1 stock car meeting at Coventry one night three years earlier.

“We sold a lorry to someone involved in stock cars in Coventry, and Kevin financed it,” says Hurdman. “At the next meeting at Coventry Kevin introduced himself and we have used his company ever since.

It has proved a worthwhile association, because a large proportion of MHF’s customers seek finance to buy their lorries.

“When we sell a lorry, because they are quite high value items at £100,000 or more, a lot of people want to finance to buy them. ” Hurdman explains.

“Many customers will put down 10-30 per cent up front and they will get the rest from a finance company. Kevin Ayres will get them the best deal.

“So when they are seeking finance, we will go to Business Finance Brokers and Kevin will arrange that for them.

“It works really well. Kevin a nice, straight-talking guy who does what he says he is going to do.”

Mal Brown is another F1 stock car driver with a close association with the company.

“Mal Brown is an agricultural dealer and so he supplies the tractors to his customers and so we finance some of their tractors as well,” says Ayres. “And so there are a number of connections already there and relations that are already there.

“And so we can see the benefits of increasing the awareness of some of the drivers about our company, because a lot of them have these type of businesses, which we could potentially link into and benefit each other from.”

“Lots of businesses with stock car racing are interlinked, and Business Finance Brokers Ltd is a case in point.”

Business Finance Brokers Ltd managing director  Kevin Ayres

Ayres, 56, has been a fan of stock car racing since the 1970s, when he watch stock car racing with his family.

Initially, Ayres, along with his elder cousin Peter – who is also a director of Business Finace Brokers Ltd, followed Spedworth and predominantly visited Wisbech, there nearest track or Ipswich to watch their racing.

‘We used to go all over the country,” says Ayres. “I was a George Polley Hot Rod fan, while Peter was a Barry Lee fan.”

“Peter became more interested in BriSCA F1 a lot earlier than me and so we used to then go to Coventry. One of Peter’s sons was into grass-track racing, and so for one of his birthday presents they bought him a race day in a BriSCA F2 stock car at Skegness, so we went to watch him race.

“Peter works out of Downham Market, and so King’s Lynn is his local track. While I don’t go racing every week I still have a good interest in the sport.

“We have sponsored cars for a couple of years now and this is a progression from that.”

Business Finance Brokers provides a number of services for businesses, including advice on ways to pay for finance, with a tailor-made approach to an individual business’s requirements for borrowing.

The company prides itself with building long-term relationships with its customers and by developing those relationships have a clear understanding of each customer’s business, taking into account capital expenditure and the seasonal characteristics of certain businesses.

Business Finance Brokers Ltd will be sponsoring at least one of the BriSCA F1 World Championship qualifying rounds this season and will be presenting the winning trophies on the day of their chosen event. As part of their package, Business Finance Brokers Ltd will be included in the race title for the main event, with their branding on each F1 stock car. Their logo will also be included in BSCDA literature. 

We hope Business Finance Brokers Ltd enjoys its first season as a BSCDA sponsor. It is good to have them on board.

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